Fendt, JCB Fastrac, Massey Ferguson Dyna gearbox Reparation

Gearbox Vario Repairer Fendt, JCB Fastrac and Massey ferguson, Our work is guaranteed

Repair, refurbishment, Gearbox Module Vario, Hydrostatic continuously variable transmission.

We work with all farm mechanics and concessionaires or with direct farmers and farm contractors.


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HYDRO-TG probably is one of the very rare in France and in the world to repair this type of hydraulic gearbox VARIO, this hydraulic transmission is very complex and specific. the pressure in the hydraulic system rises to 550 bar, even at maximum speed.

Repair gearbox Fendt JCB-Fastrac Massey-Ferguson

Repair gearbox Fendt JCB-Fastrac Massey-Ferguson

The gearbox Vario transmission is the heart of every fendt tractor, the hydraulic fluid flows through the tractor’s veins.

The 1995 Fendt Favorit 926 Vario was the world’s first tractor with a continuously variable transmission.

it combines the efficiency of a fast gearshift with the benefits of a continuously variable transmission. the tractor that is travelling at precise speeds, uphill or downhill, backwards or forward, without jerks or loss of traction and without changing gears.

A revolution in the world of transmissions, no manufacturer has ever done better in terms of efficiency, dynamism, precision, comfort and smoothness. so the driver can concentrate only on field work.

FENDT’s history is 80 years old, Tractor production begins in 1930,250,000 Fendt Vario transmissions produced in November 2016,20 years after the 1st tractor with Vario continuously variable transmission and produces 77 transmissions every day.

Fendt VarioDrive the continuous revolution with the 1000 series

This range offers a permanent variable power distribution to the four-wheel drive, thanks to the independent management of the front and rear axles, both of which are hydraulically powered.

The Fendt 1000 has a Vario gearbox and its new Fendt VarioDrive transmission has been named Machine of the Year.

Massey Ferguson Dyna VT vario gearbox reparation

Massey Ferguson Vario Box Module Repair

Massey Ferguson Vario Box Module Repair  » data-medium-file= »http://www.hydro-tg.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Reparation-Boite-Vario-Massey-Ferguson-300×227.jpg » data-large-file= »http://www.hydro-tg.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Reparation-Boite-Vario-Massey-Ferguson.jpg »> Reparation module Boite Vario Massey Ferguson

  • We are repairer of Vario gearboxes Fendt, Massey Ferguson Dyna VT, also JCB Fastrac.
  • We are renovating the Dyna VT Vario Module Gearboxes, Hydrostatic continuously variable transmission.
  • This is exactly the same technology as the JCB Fastrac and FENDT agricultural tractors.

Reparation boite VARIO tracteur FENDT

FENDT Tractor VARIO gearbox repair

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Reparation Vario Gearbox JCB Fastrac



JCB Fastrac

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